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spring me

Posted in On the Fly by Bobby on March 28, 2011

Awesome! It’s spring time again! Now if only the spring temps would arrive and the winter rain would finally fade away because it’s not welcome anymore.


out in the dark

Posted in Photographic Outings by Bobby on March 15, 2011

breakfast time is the best time

Posted in Food by Bobby on March 13, 2011

Portland says hello.

Posted in updates by Bobby on March 12, 2011

Wow, it’s been over a month since my last posting. Life has been a mixture of highs and lows as I’ve been adjusting to living out here in Portland. Honestly, my usual mind space has been alluding me these past few weeks as a new reality has filled my immediate environment. It’s definitely a challenge to find yourself in unknown territory and to be able to function as usual sometimes. Or maybe it’s just me, a little bit over sensitive to everything in life, but if that’s true, I welcome it. How else am I to learn something new about myself, and to recognize it and react to it. If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s the fact that at least my camera is still a part of me. Life is strange sometimes, or shall I say, Life is strange all the time, when it becomes familiar and unsurprising we should start being curious again and start challenging ourselves even more.

goodnight seattle, it’s been fun

Posted in updates by Bobby on February 11, 2011

coming soon: for sale

Posted in Friends, updates by Bobby on February 11, 2011

There were a couple items on my list of things to do before moving down to Portland this weekend and one was to help photograph some awesome vintage items for my good friend Aileen. Watch out for these items that will show up on etsy sometime in the future (I’ll keep you all posted). She’s got a bunch of great jackets, boots and dresses that I’m sure a lot of people will want to snatch up. Here’s a sneak peak of what may be posted for sale and of course, all you see is modeled by the lovely Aileen herself.

feliz viernes – from my Holga

Posted in happy friday by Bobby on February 11, 2011

Dear Portland, see you soon

Posted in updates by Bobby on February 10, 2011

Sundance 2011: I hear the echo in my mind

Posted in traveling by Bobby on January 29, 2011

The echoes of Sundance are still lingering at the edge of my mind.  Here and there I’m reminded of the hum of the social interactions and overheard conversations at shuttle stops, waitlist lines and irish pubs.  Sundance 2k11 is one that won’t be soon forgotten.  This year was a collection of amazing shorts and the premiere of Miranda July’s second full length film, the Future. I wish that we were able to get into all the films and soak it all in but unfortunately we don’t yet have the hook up.  So for now, here’s a list of short films we actually got to see that were noteworthy.  I hope you’ll all be able to view these someday and be able to add it to your lists of inspirations.

Dairchy – Director: Ferdinand Cito Filomarino, Italy 2010

The Hunter and the Swan Discuss Their Meeting – Director: Emily Carmichael, USA 2011

Anne Truitt, Working – Director: Jem Cohen, USA 2009

Triumph of the Wild – Director: Martha Colburn, USA 2011

Tornado – Director: Francis Alys de Smedt in collaboration with Julien Devaux, Mexico 2010

a new welcome

Posted in updates by Bobby on January 2, 2011

It seems to be never ending the way that I’m always changing my mind about the look of my online portfolio. Especially the welcome page but I think this time I really do appreciate what has come about. It definitely speaks about my design style that I haven’t really been able to convey until now. It’s clean and thoughtful and definitely helps tie my two worlds (photography and design) together. The site is super simplistic but that’s the way I like it; clean and minimalistic. None of the fluff n stuff; I’ll save that for other things. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for visiting.